Some new large-flowered clematis plants' first and second flowers, Year 2002

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bud305.jpg (65017 bytes) bud304.jpg (63884 bytes) December 1st 2001

Even a smallish house, or two, is sufficient. You only need basic materials; heating is not required. 

Some preliminaries

  bud311.jpg (89612 bytes) bud312.jpg (110378 bytes) bud313.jpg (139342 bytes) bud314.jpg (121843 bytes)

 Even by mid-January 2002, seedlings raised the previous season (1st photo) re-appear with surprising vigour and  Feb 1st: some seedlings quickly develop flower buds (photo 2), which can be clearly seen. Not surprisingly, this plant, G74E, already with flower buds in February, becomes the first of the season to flower - see below. The plants have already been restricted to two vines.  By the end of February; it's time to stake (3) the more-active plants..and by early March 2002 the plants are well on the way: by now all require staking (4).  

It's not long before several plants are ready to flower (5 -the third bud is lower-mid right)

bud320.jpg (121488 bytes) bud321.jpg (137552 bytes)

6. Maintain, strictly, order!  April 9th 2002


New Flowers for 2002

Sequence of opening for seedling G74E:

bud312.jpg (110378 bytes) bud318.jpg (94888 bytes) bud326.jpg (110322 bytes) bud327.jpg (120641 bytes) bud328.jpg (111155 bytes) 

And here is seedling G67G's sequence.. so far

bud319.jpg (89904 bytes) bud329.jpg (135105 bytes) bud339.jpg (123604 bytes) bud340.jpg (122041 bytes) bud341.jpg (118879 bytes) 

Seedling G67C:

bud330.jpg (110545 bytes) bud331.jpg (125585 bytes) bud332.jpg (54570 bytes) bud342.jpg (108377 bytes) bud343.jpg (112303 bytes) bud344.jpg (104421 bytes)

 Seedling G47Q:

  bud486.jpg (16528 bytes) bud489.jpg (17088 bytes)  

Seedling G49A:

bud362.jpg (29399 bytes)   bud424.jpg (23668 bytes)

Seedling G49F

bud387.jpg (12537 bytes)

Seedling G49G

    bud352.jpg (21059 bytes) bud361.jpg (23745 bytes)

Seedling G49M a really good plant, very floriferous indeed.

 bud350.jpg (30913 bytes) bud408.jpg (31907 bytes)

Seedling G53A begins to open...

bud388.jpg (21444 bytes)  bud395.jpg (37551 bytes) 

Seedling G54H

Seedling of King Ed VII  bud365.jpg (16279 bytes) bud384.jpg (17425 bytes) bud385.jpg (18911 bytes)  

Below, Seedling G65A:

bud544.jpg (23165 bytes) bud545.jpg (21098 bytes) Seedling of King Ed VII, lovely flower, barred.

Seedling G65C:

bud490.jpg (18261 bytes) bud494.jpg (30091 bytes) bud495.jpg (20941 bytes)

Seedling G73A

 bud448.jpg (20859 bytes) bud449.jpg (19635 bytes) 

Seedling G73D 

bud450.jpg (24003 bytes)  bud427.jpg (19431 bytes)  

Below, Seedling G73I

bud546.jpg (24680 bytes) bud547.jpg (26120 bytes) bud548.jpg (21772 bytes) bud549.jpg (30716 bytes)

A neat, compact little plant, and with attractive foliage; even now, near the end of the season, keen to produce a flower.

Seedling G86A

bud446.jpg (26342 bytes) bud447.jpg (24961 bytes)

Seedling G86C

bud458.jpg (16787 bytes)

 Seedling G88A 

bud400.jpg (11342 bytes)

Seedling G95A 

bud457.jpg (20047 bytes)

Seedling G98D

bud459.jpg (27155 bytes) bud460.jpg (26436 bytes)

Seedling G100C 

 bud399.jpg (22649 bytes)


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