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Year 2000; and Year 2001 now being added at foot of page

This section comprises some clematis of  wider origin. One or two are seedlings I've picked up as new germinants along the way, others I've grown from seed of known plants, although the pollinator may not be known. Brief notes accompany each picture.

Five daughters of C. 'Joan Baker'

Below is Clematis 'Joan Baker' bred by Mr Bill Baker of Tidmarsh, Berkshire; it resulted from seed of Clematis texensis 'Etoile Rose',   pollinated, it is thought, (by Mike Brown,  Chairman of B.C.S.) by a C. campaniflora x viticella hybrid plant.

joan1.jpg (16060 bytes)


Seed of 'Joan Baker' was obtained from the British Clematis Society Seed Exchange; the seed was set on 30/5/98, resulting in four seedlings germinating  6/2/99, the first flowers appearing in August 2000. The four plants' flowers are shown below:

1. Seedling number G23A

NewG23a.jpg (42825 bytes)         G23a-2.jpg (33046 bytes) G23A


2. Seedling no. G23B

Seedlings G23B and G23C managed flowers only late-on in the season - probably the flowers will be earlier and have a better chance next year.

G23B-2000-1.jpg (19575 bytes)

3.Seedling no. G23C

G23C-2000-1.jpg (12225 bytes)

4. Seedling no. G23D

Two images

G23Dnew1.jpg (35945 bytes)       G23Dnew2.jpg (29602 bytes)

Another extremely floriferous young seedling - first flowers - a later germination from the same batch of seed, that is, another seedling of Joan Baker, June 2001: seedling G101:

bud127.jpg (129761 bytes)


Seedling T141

A  beautiful "koreana-type" seedling given to me as a tiny germinant by the great and generous Vince Denny:

K141-2000.jpg (13392 bytes)

Seedling G16: Clematis viticella  hybrid seedling:

Three images:

NewG16.jpg (33007 bytes)  NewG16-2.jpg (19134 bytes)    NewG16-3.jpg (52336 bytes)

Two daughters of Barry Fretwell's C. macropetala 'Snowbird';

Seedling G18A

G18A2.jpg (15545 bytes)

Seedling G18B

G18A.jpg (26356 bytes)

Awaiting flowers next spring (2001) from G18C and G18D!

Seedling G9

Seedling G9 is quite exciting (only to me of course!) because it resembles the famous C. 'alba luxurians' in form, but has a purple (I'm assured) tint instead of white:

G9-2000-1.jpg (15810 bytes) G9-2.jpg (24057 bytes)  bud251.jpg (89491 bytes) bud252.jpg (80240 bytes)

August 2000                                     August 2001

First flowers were August 2000. Note the extremely long flower stalks


Another viticella seedling, G15, first flowers:

G15-2000-1.jpg (14262 bytes)


Seedling G26, a daughter of C. 'Golden Tiara':

wpe5.jpg (19867 bytes)


New flowers 2001 season:


bud221.jpg (58168 bytes)  bud222.jpg (58246 bytes)

G99; C. viticella-hybrids "seed mixture"

bud246.jpg (69893 bytes)

G45 daughter of "Aljonushka"


T141- C. koreana-derived hybrid:

bud48.jpg (52541 bytes)         bud61.jpg (61279 bytes)          bud64.jpg (35681 bytes)          bud63.jpg (54881 bytes)


T109 - Another atragene-derived hybrid, from the same batch of seedlings:

bud65.jpg (115210 bytes)   bud66.jpg (38568 bytes)