New large-flowered hybrid clematis plants, flowering for the first time, in 2003

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Hopefully about 60 large-flowered hybrid plants, to come.

Preliminaries, 2003.

March 2003; new large-flowered hybrid seedlings' vines grow slowly at first, then begin to extend rapidly from around the first week of March. By the 20th the vines are easily around 12-18" in length. Some already carry flower buds:

bud637.jpg (99458 bytes)

These are getting crowded and at the above stage plants need to be re-positioned, so that they have plenty of light and room to develop.

Seedlings first flowering in 2003

Note, April 2003

Total disaster as 57 out of 59 new large-flowered hybrid seedlings are ravaged by mystery ailment.

 Bad ones bud707.jpg (38369 bytes)   Survivor, but only just, on left; bud708.jpg (53635 bytes) better one on right


New seedling G47B (below) first flowers:

A very fine white. This seedling germinated after only 170 days.

New seedling G47K.

The flowers were much more attractive than this snapshot might suggest! The appealing form of the tepals and the silkiness of the white don't really show fully in this shot.

New Seedling G49I.

A pleasant-enough blue. This flower will alter somewhat, next year.

Seedling G50A

Another fine plant grown as C. patens. Germination time 305 days.

New seedling G65D first flowers:

Another seedling of King Edward VII. Germination time was 350 days.

New seedling G66B first flowers:

Another lovely white blossom, this particular one with a bar of green.

Seedling G68E   

  very lovely seedling


New Seedling G73E begins to open:

A new daughter plant of C. King Edward VII. Germination time 363 days.

bud709.jpg (54004 bytes) bud710.jpg (60823 bytes) bud711.jpg (54937 bytes) bud712.jpg (104059 bytes) bud713.jpg (99716 bytes)

27th April                                28th April                29th April          30th April

Seedling G73F

Huge first flowers;  > 7"; big, bold, boat-shaped tepals will make a grand mature plant, even though it's not unique in colour.   I expect the colour to change somewhat, next time around.

Seedling G74H

Another strapping blue! Will make a fine plant when mature.

Seedling G75A

Grown as C. patens. Germination time 455 days.

Seedling G79A

Grown as C. patens, germination time 481 days.

Seedling G80H

A daughter of  C. King Edward VII, germination after 395 days.

Seedling G92D

A daughter of C. General Sikorski. Germination after 342 days.

Seedling G95B

Germination time 590 days. Seed from BCS seed exchange, LFH mixture.

Seedling G96

A daughter of C. General Sikorski. Germination occurred after 700 days.



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