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Item 30/12/2

Though still very early, some plants are already producing strong bud growth:

1.    C. viticella 'alba luxurians' buds - look at the number of buds arising from a single node area. 

bud599.jpg (121562 bytes) bud600.jpg (129685 bytes)

2.   C. pitcherii seedling: I've removed the uppermost layer of grit so that the new shoots can be seen more clearly; this growth is very early, and can be managed by pruning, in due course. Some shoots may yet be killed in the event of a hard frost.

Image011.jpg (957559 bytes) big file = a short while to load

Item 22/12/2

Next year's large-flowered hybrid clematis seedlings, dormant. 

bud597.jpg (155167 bytes)

Below, C. serratifolia seedheads in Winter, now ready for harvesting.

bud598.jpg (110346 bytes)

You might leave some seedheads for your local birds.

Item 30/11/2 

G107B finally catches up sister 107C (below, 5/10/2) with a first flower:  


This one (in the early flowers, anyway), has a much more pronounced red margin to the reflexed tips.

Item 27/11/2           

 1. Mature seeds of Mrs Cholmondeley:

bud588.jpg (32955 bytes) bud589.jpg (27796 bytes) bud590.jpg (39460 bytes)

 bud586.jpg (23554 bytes) bud587.jpg (28435 bytes)  

2. At the end of the season your new (12 months +) seedlings will look a bit jaded, this is wholly due to the onset of colder winter weather, and, since it will all rot anyway, this foliage should be removed. A couple of evening's frost usually kills the foliage. It won't affect the buds on the root crown, though. Worthwhile vines can be retained for early flowers. 

bud591.jpg (57491 bytes)  bud595.jpg (45156 bytes)

3. Just when you think it's all over, along comes C. anchuensis (I have also seen written C. anchunensis) to begin producing flowers. This plant ideally needs more sheltered conditions. 

bud592.jpg (74455 bytes) bud593.jpg (62779 bytes)

This plant is evergreen.

Item 23/11/2

New Seedling G67, (at Nov 3rd):  bud585.jpg (52278 bytes) raised as C. patens, second year flowers 

Item 8/11/2

Seedling G30C,  (species) C. confusa (listed in Grey-Wilson). Plant grown from seed received direct from Himalayas expedition 1998. Germinated 24/3/99. Germination time 83 days. 

bud579.jpg (45363 bytes) bud577.jpg (24270 bytes) bud584.jpg (42713 bytes) bud578.jpg (36990 bytes)  bud580.jpg (19709 bytes) bud581.jpg (35783 bytes)  bud574.jpg (22970 bytes) bud575.jpg (36469 bytes) bud576.jpg (29010 bytes) bud582.jpg (27365 bytes) 

early foliage:  bud414.jpg (17626 bytes) bud415.jpg (15503 bytes)


Item 5/11/2    Seedling G93C - much better picture - first image especially.

  bud572.jpg (140781 bytes) bud571.jpg (17976 bytes)

Plant washed down, ready to send in post:  bud573.jpg (68430 bytes) 

Plant now owned by Mrs Marie-France Holt, in Canada.

Item 31/10/2

Settling-in newly-arrived bare-rooted seedlings/cuttings. Thank you, clematis friends! One-litre pots usually work fine, for small plants. Some foliage may survive the journey. Re-pot, immediately on receipt, into fresh, moist medium. If you cater for the root, all else follows naturally.

bud569.jpg (28352 bytes) bud570.jpg (27796 bytes)

Item 30/10/2

A late new C. patens (seed collected wild in Japan), seedling G93C, manages first flowers, before the winter frosts begin. Two similar photos.

bud566.jpg (16294 bytes) bud567.jpg (15072 bytes)  

 Seedling G73E, another daughter of King Edward VII, also manages a (weather-affected!) flower, just before the onset of Winter. 

bud568.jpg (27526 bytes)

Item 19/10/2

Even at late October, seedling G98B still willingly tries to put forth a first flower, though whether it will be in time to survive the onset of Winter; maybe, maybe not.

bud560.jpg (19217 bytes)

G107 C New viorna-group seedling:  bud562.jpg (28388 bytes) bud561.jpg (26741 bytes)

New viticella seedling, first flowers, October 2002:  bud563.jpg (30002 bytes) bud564.jpg (27880 bytes)

How resilient clematis seedlings are;  a tiny (large-flowered hybrid x) plant re-emerges a couple of weeks after the main stem (to right, at base, of new main stem) was accidentally broken! Clumsy, but lucky on this occasion!

 bud565.jpg (29086 bytes)

Item 17/10/2

Email enquiry Bill Roberts - C. texensis, all-red form, my seedlings as they then were, in 2000 -  from young the difference is still plain. The other forms are on the species page. 

bud131.jpg (43635 bytes) bud201.jpg (56970 bytes) 

                            Plant 125                  Plant 126                             

Item 16/10/02  

Flashback to July;  250 clematis seedlings moved from greenhouses to watering positions, whilst on summer holiday abroad for two weeks! A big task, but it sure makes it easier for my marvellous neighbour, Ken, to water them each day!

bud559.jpg (30519 bytes)

Item 11/10/02    Flashback to Summer 2001

Madame Edouard André, Blue Angel, and Golden Tiara on the pergola

Item 5/10/2  

Seedling G107C  produces first flowers

 bud558.jpg (13367 bytes) bud556.jpg (18452 bytes) bud557.jpg (17008 bytes)

Pink at the base, creamy green toward the recurved tips, creamy green within.

Item 30/9/2

C. akebiodes at last produces some flowers. 

bud555.jpg (23791 bytes)

(In fact, although I was more or less 'about to give up on it' after awaiting flowers for a couple of years, I notice that the plant is now covered with flowers, from top to bottom, possibly I'm a bit northerly, or maybe even the best is still yet to come.)

Item 29/9/2 

C. connata in flower. This is one of those clematis which can attain enormous proportions, and whose flowers are small, but very numerous. Although not individually showy, the flowers, en masse, are a sight to behold. The whole plant becomes utterly covered from head to toe in a myriad of thousands and thousands of flowers.

bud550.jpg (26694 bytes) bud551.jpg (26825 bytes) bud552.jpg (36783 bytes) bud553.jpg (36581 bytes) bud554.jpg (20943 bytes) 

Item 11/9/02

New hybrid, daughter of C. 'Joan Baker', from earlier germinations. 

 bud537.jpg (39516 bytes) bud538.jpg (40437 bytes) bud539.jpg (34911 bytes) 

Items 6/9/2

C. serratifolia comes into copious flower; what luck to get a fine, floriferous form of this lovely yellow-flowered (meclatis) clematis species, as a seedling from my germinations! This plant germinated in 1998,  only 30 days after sowing, and flowered the very first year. The plant flowers better each year, even without special attention, just some manure in Spring. Prune right to the ground each year. A great plant to try for one of  your first germinations - easy and superb. Clearly I'll have a lot of seed available, again, this year.

  bud532.jpg (33263 bytes) bud533.jpg (39171 bytes) bud534.jpg (34742 bytes) bud540.jpg (35438 bytes) bud543.jpg (52640 bytes)

There are a few spellings of this name - see if you can spot Clematis 'Sizaja Ptitsa' (it means "the blue bird") mingling with the sweet peas. This plant is a Beskaravainaja  plant from 1980; parentage is "Durandii" x Lanuginosa Candida:  

bud535.jpg (44087 bytes) bud536.jpg (42345 bytes) bud541.jpg (25914 bytes) bud542.jpg (22583 bytes)

Item 2/9/2

Interesting information about Clematis in colder climes. 

Source: British Clematis Society Journal, 1992

Once you have clicked on the small image to enlarge, you can then "right-click" and select "print picture" on the article proper. 

Item 31/8/2 

Using posts, using vertical space. Nothing new, people have been growing more-vigorous clems on posts for ever.

Below, some young orientalis-type plants on posts. The plants were put in in April '01, so are still babies, but they are already beginning to look a bit more established, and flower well. Though these plants are still young, in some cases the pole is now invisible during the growing season. 

The posts have had a cylinder of wire mesh attached down the length, the plant "forms a plant" with only very little guidance, and is stable even in fairly rough winds. I copied this idea from someone else's plants I saw growing. Those plants were on poles with nothing but a bit of chicken wire attached, and yet they were magnificent plants. The plants here are already throwing up vines from the ground. Still got the focusing problem with the new camera, but at least they are all consistently out of focus!

(Baby) Bill Mackenzie on a post, the post just visible, the wire, invisible. Plant is 14 months old,  first full season. This time next year the plants will (hopefully) be two or three times as bushy, and dense, just like the C. akebiodes in the pictures below. 

bud522.jpg (14625 bytes)bud523.jpg (49944 bytes)

Same plant from the other direction; also, first-year baby plants of tangutica Lambton Park and Golden Harvest. The spare posts now colonised by C. fasciculiflora and Montana Wilsonii, planted Sept '02.

 bud520.jpg (50680 bytes)bud521.jpg (47747 bytes) 

C. akebiodes (on right of each photo) (planted as seedling 24/6/00), just before flowering. The post and wire mesh supporting the plant are completely hidden by the growth. Same plant from two angles. It is a triternata meeting it at the arch, you can just make out the flowers. Triternata is a wonderfully scented plant, great for an entrance arch. Your visitors are bowled over by the perfume, with their very first step into the garden.

A batch of viticellas on an enormous vertical fence (poles with wire mesh stretched between); the fences look a bit bare at first, (its only a bit of my plants-overflow area) but once the plants get going, the fences melt away: 

bud524.jpg (45029 bytes) bud525.jpg (53273 bytes) bud526.jpg (43959 bytes) bud527.jpg (35602 bytes) bud528.jpg (36890 bytes) bud529.jpg (42550 bytes) bud530.jpg (40988 bytes) bud531.jpg (28786 bytes)

June 7th thro' August 31st

Item 30/8/2 

Getting ready for next year. 64 brand new large-flowered hybrid seedlings, all ready to flower for the very first time from March 2003 or so, onwards. (Actually, one or two have flower buds now, and will flower before the end of the current season).

Item 29/8/2

Essential article covering the small-flowered yellow clematis (Orientalis group = Meclatis group).  This essay, by Christopher Grey-Wilson, will take anyone from nought, to overview, ready for reading Grey-Wilson or Johnson's 'Genus Clematis' respectively. Bear in mind the article is from 1986, so there have been a few minor taxonomical name-changes, but that doesn't at all diminish the value of the text. Click on the small image to enlarge.

Article from the International Clematis Society Journal, Newsletter Vol. 3, December 1986.

mec0.jpg (48567 bytes) mec1.jpg (125661 bytes) mec2.gif (54678 bytes) mec3.jpg (82469 bytes) mec4.jpg (137223 bytes) mec5.jpg (90999 bytes) mec6.jpg (118584 bytes)

If your brain is a bit slow, like mine, you might need to read the article a few times to take it all in (well, not ALL of it! just the main points!); however, once you get the main principles (the species) up, it will stand you in good stead for whatever questions ever arise about this plant group, and its hybrid cultivars. 

You can just "right click" and "print picture" also.

Another good reason to join the Societies, and buy the back-issues of the Journals.

Item 22/8/02

Helen Hadley's C. crispa (big file = few moments to load up)

Item 20/8/2

Prince Charles, after the rain, this evening.  bud518.jpg (44217 bytes) Plant growing up plain vertical wire mesh fence around 9 feet in height. Plant is about 6-7 feet wide. Planted 27/2/99.

Prince Charles and Vostok, about to burst into flower, at 29/07/2: bud481.jpg (41639 bytes)

Items 10/8/2

Connata forming flowers bud498.jpg (25784 bytes) 

C. L&S13342 flowers bud499.jpg (32277 bytes) bud500.jpg (26402 bytes) 

C. fusca forming seed bud501.jpg (23841 bytes)

raised as C. versicolor, flowers bud502.jpg (42249 bytes) bud503.jpg (35431 bytes) bud504.jpg (27515 bytes)

new C. viticella-type:   bud510.jpg (22037 bytes) bud511.jpg (23140 bytes)

Item 8/8/2 

Maturing alpina seed, two similar photos

bud496.jpg (33217 bytes) bud497.jpg (25271 bytes)

Item 31/7/2 

C. viticella alba luxurians in flower; can't yet get consistency with this new digital camera for focusing on such subjects, and I'll replace this image with a proper scanned photo-image, when they come back from the developer's. But although a bit vague this is how C. vit. a.l. can cope with your front area: 

bud556.gif (344690 bytes) new scanned image

Item 29/07/2

Moira Gilsenan's new hybrid (two similar pictures) bud482.jpg (21530 bytes) bud483.jpg (25247 bytes)

Item 28/07/02

C. versicolor flowers forming bud474.jpg (28770 bytes) bud475.jpg (24604 bytes)

L & S 13342 coming into flower: bud476.jpg (32907 bytes)

C. tangutica 'Lambton Park' bud477.jpg (35670 bytes)

Bill Mackenzie bud478.jpg (25422 bytes)

Item 18/07/02         A few C. fusca-types in flower: 

bud463.jpg (22395 bytes)  bud465.jpg (29623 bytes)  bud467.jpg (24367 bytes)  bud469.jpg (23232 bytes) bud470.jpg (21988 bytes)  bud472.jpg (18536 bytes) bud479.jpg (27422 bytes)

Item 11/7/02    

Montana seed - slightly unripe bud455.jpg (26261 bytes) bud456.jpg (26771 bytes) and a bit out of focus, sorry! 

Seeds, still attached to parent:  bud488.jpg (31280 bytes)

Item 10/7/2      Seedling G97B raised from seed marked C. viorna

bud453.jpg (17470 bytes)

Item 8/7/02   Bill Mackenzie 

bud451.jpg (47480 bytes) bud452.jpg (37702 bytes)

C. tangutica 'Lambton Park'   bud454.jpg (39680 bytes)

Item 2/7/02

Moira Gilsenan's new hybrid  bud442.jpg (23334 bytes)  bud443.jpg (24129 bytes) 

Another C. florida grown from seed  bud444.jpg (20198 bytes) bud445.jpg (20391 bytes) See also other florida (click to go to)

Item 28.6.02

Early bud of Bill Mackenzie bud436.jpg (22753 bytes) 

Item 17/6/02

  C. tangutica 'Lambton Park' early flowers bud425.jpg (48787 bytes) bud435.jpg (20998 bytes)

Seedling B1 coming back into flower:  bud429.jpg (33719 bytes) 

Item 15/6/02 

Formation of seeds in large-flowered hybrids:

 bud417.jpg (13665 bytes) bud418.jpg (20333 bytes) bud437.jpg (22729 bytes) bud420.jpg (20115 bytes) bud419.jpg (32383 bytes) bud421.jpg (28971 bytes) bud438.jpg (28425 bytes) bud440.jpg (33918 bytes) bud441.jpg (33422 bytes) bud480.jpg (33088 bytes) bud439.jpg (26067 bytes) bud505.jpg (40580 bytes) bud512.jpg (29541 bytes) bud506.jpg (30829 bytes) bud507.jpg (30117 bytes) bud508.jpg (31429 bytes)  

failed seeds - not fertilised... bud509.jpg (23512 bytes) ..seed at base is small and hardly developed at all

More undeveloped, infertile seeds: bud513.jpg (26525 bytes) bud514.jpg (27856 bytes) bud515.jpg (28844 bytes) bud516.jpg (35805 bytes) bud517.jpg (31827 bytes) The fertilised seeds (green, here = unripe yet) are plump and swollen; the duds do have a hairy tail, but no swollen base. 

Item 12/6/02 C. connata just getting going into a fir bud412.jpg (42139 bytes)  

Almost-black early foliage of new (confirmed 11/02) C. confusa species seedling  bud414.jpg (17626 bytes) bud415.jpg (15503 bytes)

Item 9/6/02            Some atragenes from recent germinations:

T141 bud303.jpg (36152 bytes)

Seedling No. T140        bud298.jpg (43945 bytes) bud299.jpg (40998 bytes)  

T143:bud300.jpg (45742 bytes)

T142:  bud301.jpg (48865 bytes) bud302.jpg (46566 bytes)


Item 7/6/02

Blue Angel enquiry- here's a much better close-up: bud310.jpg (145620 bytes)

Item 3/6/02  Prince Charles, just getting going: bud383.jpg (25091 bytes) 

Item 2/6/02

New blue hybrid S6 from earlier germinations. Nice this year.  bud402.jpg (52015 bytes)

New hybrid from earlier germinations:    newstripe2.jpg (26824 bytes) bud376.jpg (20988 bytes) bud377.jpg (21649 bytes)

Item 1/June/02

Mdme. Marie Boisselot on arch with roses bud366.jpg (34814 bytes)  

Item 31/5/2            Joan Picton 

Item 31/5/02               Daniel Deronda


Item 27/5/2

New white hybrid from earlier germinations  bud356.jpg (22752 bytes) bud360.jpg (22541 bytes) 

Item 21/5/02

New hybrids from earlier years

New hybrid newpink1.jpg (30107 bytes)  New hybrid newblue1.jpg (38417 bytes)  

new hybrid  newspec1.jpg (140351 bytes) newspec2.jpg (19815 bytes) newspec3.jpg (21968 bytes) 

New hybrid, uncertain flowers, below

.  strangehybrid3.jpg (22031 bytes)  strangehybrid2.jpg (24125 bytes) bud379.jpg (14011 bytes)

Item 18/5/02

Clematis rehderiana takes over my side fence. Planted 1/3/98. Photographed September 2001.

Item 15/5/2

Tetra-rose as a hedge

  Image001.jpg (100405 bytes) Image001a.jpg (48394 bytes)

Item 20/5/02

Articles here: Clematis from cuttings (2); clematis in containers - at bottom of page.

Good article on propagating clematis by taking cuttings, by Jan van Acquoi

jan1.gif (30173 bytes) jan2.jpg (109253 bytes) jan3.jpg (50642 bytes) jan4.jpg (88411 bytes)

Cuttings  - another most informative article on making cuttings work. From the past, but still as valid.

cuts1.gif (53068 bytes) cuts2.gif (51284 bytes)

Item 16/5/02

New plant P30 latest flowers...

    Image002.jpg (65407 bytes)

Item 6/5/02

Re-emergence of some viornae and others. Photos from 6/5/02

C. akebiodes first:

At 6/5/02   One week later..  Image003.jpg (95903 bytes)  another week.. ake3.jpg (51351 bytes) 2 or 3 wet days later..ake4.jpg (56717 bytes) at 31/5: bud371.jpg (61255 bytes) at June 12: bud416.jpg (47924 bytes)

C. akebiodes planted as seedling 24/06/00. What a plant! A small seedling planted just 2 years ago now has a root occupying a circular area of 30" diameter, all the area of which is producing new vines!  Last year the plant attained 3 yards in height, goodness knows what it will do this year. 

Below: Blue Angel,  planted 6/3/99

At 6/5/02..  at 20/5/02...angel2.jpg (53693 bytes) at 3/6/02 bud372.jpg (46306 bytes) at 7/6: bud404.jpg (51711 bytes)

Below:  C. crispa, planted 23/6/99 as seedling (next to pitcherii, fusca, crispa ( 2), all to left)  

At 6.5.02   At 17.5.02 bud348.jpg (30512 bytes) at 31/5 bud369.jpg (38268 bytes) at 7/6 bud403.jpg (40151 bytes) at 10/6 bud410.jpg (26819 bytes) at 17/6 bud426.jpg (48813 bytes)

At 13/7  bud473.jpg (36177 bytes)


Below: Duchess of Albany planted 18/5/99 as 2 years old plant. Vigour. This plant usually attains about 3 to 4 metres x 1.5 to 2 metres. The last photo is a snap to give an idea of what these plants look like in mid-summer.

At 6/5/02   at 27/5/2 bud358.jpg (32774 bytes) 31/5 bud368.jpg (45286 bytes) At 7th June bud375.jpg (42887 bytes)  at 10/6: bud411.jpg (43920 bytes) at 17/6:    at midsummer site3.jpg (34502 bytes)

At 6/5/02 at 7/6 bud405.jpg (54217 bytes)

Above, C. pitcherii, planted 26/6/99 as a seedling.

At 6/5/02 at 3/6/02 bud382.jpg (25939 bytes)  

Above, C. fusca,  very robust stems, planted as 2 years old bought plant 17/7/99 

Below, Princess Diana, just getting going, (between Gravetye and Duchess of Albany); planted as 2 years old bought plant 27/5/99

6/5/02 at 27/5/2: bud359.jpg (31798 bytes) at 31/5: bud367.jpg (47277 bytes) at 3/6/02: bud381.jpg (47779 bytes)  at 7/6: bud406.jpg (47823 bytes)

Below: Gravetye Beauty: planted 27/5/99, 2 years old bought plant.

At 6/5/2: at 31/5/2: bud370.jpg (50550 bytes) at 7/6: bud407.jpg (43713 bytes) at 17/6: bud428.jpg (41927 bytes)

Below: C. versicolor, planted as seedling 24/02/01.

At 6/5/02   at 3/6/02 bud373.jpg (24718 bytes) 


End of series.

Item 20/4/02

Clematis in containers articles

text1.jpg (72795 bytes)