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Most recent additions first.... click on the highlighted link to go to: 

Item 29th October 2012               Begun tidying and updating the site

Item 23rd October 2012              BCS Journal published this week

Item 28th December 2011           Altered Weblog 2011 to Weblog 2011/12

Item 1st October 2011                Added new pages

Item 19th June 2010                    Clematis reticulata, a new hybrid, and 'Alba Luxurians'

Item 18th June 2010                    Began updating the site.

Item 29th November 2009           BCS Journal due out this week.

Item 14th November 2009           BCS Journal still at the printer.

Item 19th October 2009              BCS Journal finished (still at publisher). New page

Item 1st May 2009                      Alternate-foliage seedling. Archive 2009

Item 20th April 2009                   What could be better than this? Archive 2009

Item 12th April 2009                   More new plants. Archive 2009

Item April 6th 2009                     Some new plants as they develop toward first flowers. Archive 2009

Item February 6th 2009               BCS Seed exchange lists published - Archive 2009 page

Item February 5th 2009               The Journal of The British Clematis Society is now published. Archive 2009 page.

Item January 11th 2008                New page - Archive 2009 added.

Item 24th December 2008     Change. Archive 2008.

Item 3rd May 2008              Great stuff!! Managed to restore my 2006 Archive material!!! Archive 2006.

Item 1st May 2008               Beautiful C. patens!.......a new batch grown from seed. A handful of small plants now in glorious flower!                                            To follow tomorrow! Archive 2008. One of them is particularly stunning, I just hope the photos will do it justice.

Item April 29th 2008            (Plant raised as) C. pitcheri begins to form flowers. Archive 2008

Item 24th April 2008             Another new patens × coactilis seedlings comes to flower for the first time. Archive 2008

Item 7th April 2008               C. patens x C. coactilis in flower. Archive 2008

Item 4th April 2008               Some plants at early April. Archive 2008

Item 30th March 2008           If you want to try hybridising, it is not a difficult task, any amateur just like you or I can manage it.

Item 28th March 2008           If you are interested in germination you must see this site.

Item 24th March 2008           Refreshed information on BCS Journal 2008 notes.

Item 22nd March 2008          Restored almost all archive material and tidied site up. Noticed this link on the web.

Item 2nd September 2007     New plants  - hybrid - patens x coactilis. Archive 2007

Item 10th June 2007             Seedlings about to leave. Archive 2007

Item 1st June 2007                My alba luxurians is now a large plant.  Archive 2007.

Item 25th May 2007             Another fine edition of Clematis International arrives!!! Archive 2007 page

Item 7th May 2007               BCS Seed Exchange info, 2007. Join the BCS - application details.  Archive 2007 page.

Item 24th March 2007          A magazine article about raising new clematis cultivars.   Archive 2007 page.

Item 20th March 2007          A few quick snaps from around the 'house.   Archive 2007 page.

Item 18th March 2007          Plants coming into more-rapid growth; Archive 2007 page.

Item 15th March 2007          New vines and flowers. Archive 2007 page.

Item 12th March 2007         Some images of seedlings, and views of greenhouse at present. Archive 2007 page

Item 10th March 2007         Updating: and moved to for development and permanent 

Item 16th February 2007      Deleted "plants for sale page". Added "Archive 2007" page.

Item 27th August 2006.   ***Amended Guestbook arrangements to avoid spam accumulation.

Item 27th August 2006   Link added re. new pages Archive 2006 and new large-flowered clematis 2006.

Item 15th August 2006      ***Removed old guestbook due to continued abuse, added email link instead. If you email any comments I will add them onto the Guestbook page itself, as they arrive. That way I can create a spam-free 'guestbook'. I do appreciate comments very much, it is most interesting to get an idea of what people think of the site.

Item 19th June 2006  Some new plants  Scroll down to 19th June.

Item 17th June 2006            Preparing to update and re-vamp site "soon".

Item 12h March 2006      Further germinations data. Bottom of Germination page

Item 16th February 2006      Further germinations data. Bottom of Germination page

Item 14th January 2006        Further germinations data. Bottom of Germination page

Item December 20th 2006

Some of this year's new plants are temporarily at 

Item 19th October 2005        Further germinations data. Germination page

Item 10th August 2005          A busy season. Updates to follow.

Item 11th May 2005              C. florida with incredible numbers of flowers! Archive 2005 page.

Item 10th May 2005              Germination data addition. Germination page.

Item 4th May 2005                A new large-flowered hybrid. 2005 large-flowered page.

Item 3rd May 2005                Several new large-flowered hybrids. 2005 large-flowered page.

Item 19th April 2005              A couple of weeks and the house is transformed by new growth and flowers! Archive 2005 page.

Item 14th April 2005              New flowers2005 large-flowered page.

Item 5th April 2005                A stroll around the house. Archive 2005 page.

Item 2nd April 2005               First large-flowered plant in flower in 2005. 2005 large-flowered page.

Item 20th March 2005            First plants in flower in new house. Archive 2005 page.

Item 15th March 2005            Shading a large greenhouseArchive 2005 page.

Item 15th March 2005           A few  C. crispa seedlings  available. Plants available page

Item 13th March 2005           New interesting seedling C. patens x C. coactilis early foliage. Archive 2005 page.

Item 6th March 2005             New page "Large Flowered 2005" added.

Item 6th March 2005             New page "Plants available" added.

Item 5th March 2005             Clematis seedling (NumberWHH1) develops rapidly.  Archive 2005 page.

Item 3rd March 2005             A particularly lovely seedling of clematis texensis. Archive 2005 page.

Item 2nd March 2005             New house beginning to look greener. Archive 2005 page.

Item 2nd March 2005             This "Clematis from Seed" website moved to new web address.

Item 2nd March 2005             Apart from the odd item here and there, Archive 2004 has now been ARCHIVED. We go on with Archive 2005.

Item 20th February 2005        Germination data addition. Germination page.

Item 24th January 2005          Germination data addition. Germination page.

Item 13th and 17th January 2005    Germination data updated. Germination page.

Item 12th January 2004.         The extraordinary vigour of some seedlings. Archive 2005 page. To follow shortly!

Item 8th January 2005            Germination data updated. Germination page.

Item 14th December 2004      There are two things certain in life: taxes, and CHANGE. New large greenhouse. Archive 2004 page

Item 4th December 2004        Article "Plants in Houses" about raising from seed and acquiring and keeping a collection of clematis, under glass in this instance.  Archive 2004 page.

Item 25th November 2004     Article  "The Joy of Growing Your Own Clematis Plants from Seed" published 25/11/04 in the BCS 2004 "The Clematis" Journal.     Archive 2004 page.

Item 20th November 2004     A very late C. texensis hybrid succeeds in producing some very late flowers. Archive 2004 page.

Item 17th November 2004     Updated germination data. Germination page.

Item 13th November 2004     C. napaulensis begins forming flowers in cold England.

Item 9th November 2004       Articles by noteworthy authors about overwintering in cold climates. Archive 2004 page.

Item 30th October 2004        Hybridisation and results data added for year 2004. Hybridisation page

Item 20th October 2004        Sequence of flowering of interesting seedling bearing single and semi-double flowers. Archive 2004 page.

Item 3rd October 2004          New Guestbook added. Can't figure out why the old one will no longer work.

Item 2nd October 2004          A striking 'repatriated' seedling, from 1999, in flower. Archive 2004 page.

Item 29th September 2004     Yet another important hybridisation germination. Archive 2004 page.

Item 27th September 2004      Two C. speciosa seedlings' flowers. Archive 2004 page.

Item 27th September 2004     Some further germination data (from 2004 so far) added. Germination page.

Item 22nd September 2004            Arm surgery (#2) will imminently close the season. See you soon. 

Item 21st September 2004       Yet another wonderful germination of hybridised seed!! Archive 2004 page

Item 14th September 2004    Another wonderful germination of  hybridised seed. Archive 2004 page.

Item 3rd September 2004.     Clones of C. texensis now in flower! Propagating C. texensis page.

Item 3rd September 2004     Pictures of micropropagated clone of "The President". Archive 2004 page.

Item 2nd September 2004    Seedlings of cross between new plant "Suzy Mac" and a new C. viticella hybrid. Archive 2004 page.

Item 1st September 2004    Flashback to seedling "Suzy Mac" at her peak in May. Archive 2004 page

Item 10th August 2004        Great to find seed of cross between C. patens-type and C. coactilis germinating!! Archive 2004 page.

Item August 2004                You never know who you might meet in a garden.

Item 28th July 2004            Great to find seed of cross between C. florida species  x  C. versicolor germinating!! Archive 2004 page.

Item July 2004                    Not-connected-with-clematis section - Walks - page added. Not on main site menus.

Item 21st July 2004       JOY!! Re-gained access to locked-up image folder!!!!! Images of seedlings first-flowering this year, from April. There are quite a few more to follow, this year has been a very good year with nearly 40 new large-flowered plants. Here are 8 of them: these are part of a batch of 19 plants raised as C. patens. (pics of plants at Item 18th April below). If you click on the top one, go to the page,  you can then scroll down through them. This year I've been lucky again and some have turned out to be very beautiful, and even as young seedlings some of the flowers are more than 6" or 7" across. Further pictures to follow soon.

Seedling PA05P 

Seedling PB05P

Seedling PB66P

Seedling PC66P

Seedling PD47P

Seedling PA57P

Seedling PC57P

Seedling PE66P

All on Year 2004 large-flowered page

7th July 2004                   New orientalis-type, beautiful. Archive 2004 page seedling G115A

                                        Also new pic of this year's flowers of G55a C. texensis same item date.

6th July 2004                   Photos of new plants, quite a few, to follow shortly, on this site.       

19th June 2004               A little snippet about propagating C. texensis.

16th June 2004                Archive 2003 now archived, to create webspace for this year's plants.

1st June 2004                  Two ultra-floriferous seedlings of C. florida species. Archive 2004 page.

22nd May 2004               Seedling Suzy Mac in the greenhouse. Also, flashback to plant in February. Archive 2004 page.

9th May 2004                  Seedling SUZY MAC in flower. Archive 2004 page.

8th May 2004                  My seedling of C. addisonii  in catalogue! Archive 2004 page.

2nd, 5th, 7th  May 2004  Updates on immediately prior item. Archive 2004 page.

26th April 2004               Update on unbelievably floriferous seedling. Archive 2004 page.

25th April 2004               Seedling PB05P first flowers. .

22nd April 2004              Seedling PD47P first flowers. e. Updated 26th April

22nd April 2004              Update photos on item immediately below

20th April 2004               Plants raised as C. patens begin to flower! Seedling PC57P. Patens 2004 page.

19th April 2004               Review by Everett Leeds, of my tome "Clematis from Seed" in the International Clematis Society Journal 2004. Archive 2004 page.

                                        Book review by Mike Brown,  "Clematis from Seed" in the British Clematis Society Journal 2003. Archive 2003 page.

18th April 2004               Some snaps of large-flowered plants coming to flower in the greenhouses. Archive 2004 page.

17th April 2004               Seedling 'Suzy Mac' is once again poised to flower.  Archive 2004 page.

11th April 2004               Update photos cuttings as they form - C. florida. Archive 2004 page.

5th April 2004                 Clematis coactilis in all its glory! Archive 2004 page.

4th April 2004                 New Atragene seedling flowers. Archive 2004 page.

28th March 2004            Watching cuttings actually form their first roots. Archive 204 page.  UPDATES 5th April 2004

22nd March 2004           "JUTTA", a fine atragene, raised by Fin Rosholm, comes to flower, from a cutting. Archive 2004 page.

21st March 2004           Inventory of this year's greenhouse plants. Archive 2004 page.

15th March 2004          Cuttings can be an effective way to replicate clematis. Archive 2004 page.

12th March 2004          Clematis reticulata germination. Archive 2004 page.

5th February 2004         Web-cam operational - part-time!

19th February 2004       Culmination of four-year project to raise 20 brand new plants of  Clematis patens species.  But you can never be certain of what you'll get, no matter what it says on the seed packet! So these are just plants raised as C. patens.

2nd February 2004        International Clematis Society 20th Anniversary Conference   2004  Attendees list. Archive 2004 page.

14th January 2004        C. patens germinates. Archive 2004 page.

13th January 2004        New seeds arriving is a big stimulus! Archive 2004 page.

27th December 2003    Seedling re-sprouting already, just after Christmas. Archive 2003 page.

23rd December 2003    Seed Sowing and Germination page, rewritten.

11th December 2003      Book review "Clematis from Seed". Archive 2003 page.

3rd December 2003       Full re-write of Hybridisation page, plus the addition of 60 new photographs showing the entire process, step-by-step. Hybridise page.

1st December 2003        New sequence of  photos and information, pertaining to sowing seeds; full re-write underway: Germination page.

30st November 2003         Archive 2002 page mostly archived! 10 mb reclaimed!

28th November 2003     Work started on webspace-saving efforts - it's necessary to begin archiving the Archive 2002 page. From November 30th 2003, large images on this page will be archived, and available by email request only! The entries, and small images, and image numbers, are still available, on the page.

21st November 2003     Dealing with new seedlings from germination to the close of the first year; script and information updates and revisions. New Seedlings page.

12th November 2003    Some general  Notes about the viability of clematis seeds, added to Germination page.

1st November 2003      Hybridisation results data collation additions. Hybridisation page.

21st October 2003        C. koreana produces plants directly from the root! Archive 2003 page.

6th October 2003         New large-flowered seedling first flowers, G96, 2003 New Flowers page.

6th October 2003         New large-flowered seedling first flowers, G95B, 2003 New Flowers page.

6th October 2003         New large-flowered seedling first flowers, G92D, 2003 New Flowers page.

6th October 2003         New large-flowered seedling first flowers, G80H, 2003 New Flowers page.

6th October 2003         New large-flowered seedling first flowers, G79A, 2003 New Flowers page.

6th October 2003         New large-flowered seedling first flowers, G50A, grown as C.patens, 2003 New Flowers page.

5th October 2003         New white large-flowered seedling first flowers. G75A, grown as C. patens,  2003 New Flowers page.

28th September 2003   C. ochroleuca germination. Archive 2003 page.

27th September 2003  New meclatis seedling first flowers. Archive 2003 page.

28th August 2003     Cuttings ready for potting up. Archive 2003 page.

1st August 2003       Some new pre-germinators. Archive 2003 page.

July 21st 2003         Update on hybridisation data. Hybridise page.

July 16th 2003        New large-flowered hybrid seedling G68E first flowers. 2003 New Flowers page.

July 15th 2003         Further new viornae-group new seedlings G52B, G64H, G84B. Archive 2003 page.

July 11th 2003         Season 95% curtailed due to arm surgery.

June 30th 2003        New viornae-types G107D and G111, Archive 2003 page.

June 27th 2003        Some new viornae-group plants' first flowers. Archive 2003 page.

June 24th 2003        New viorna-group plant G97A,  first flowers.

June 23rd 2003        New season 2003 Hybridisation data collation. Hybridisation page.

June 19th 2003         Several new viornae-types, first flowers; photos. To follow. A fantastic year for viornae types.

June 18th 2003         Some new large flowered hybrids' first flowers, numbers 47B, 65D, 66B; 2003 New Flowers page.

May 20th 2003         Germination of CC3944 = C. grata? Mustang, Himalaya.

May 14th 2003        Some new pictures of large-flowered hybrid-type seeds. Acquire Seed page.

May 2003               Had to delete "other raisers' plants" forum, and other minor items and photos, in order to free ftp space, having reached maximum 50 mb capacity! Sorry, friends, it was the only recoverable space. I have kept all your photos and should like to express my thanks for allowing me to display them. Thank you.

April 28th 2003       Flowers of surviving new seedling G73E begin to open. 2003 New Flowers page. A daughter of King Edward VII and quite a nice bloom. Further images now added 29th and 30th.

April 2003              Total disaster as more than 95% of my new large-flowered hybrid seedlings, all due to flower this year, are wiped out by a mystery ailment.

22nd April 2003.    Germination of unidentified C. species, Himalaya 2002 Expedition. Archive 2003 page.

20th April 2003        Disaster strikes new seedling G66G.

17th April 2003       Spotting more new germinations - C. macropetala. Archive 2003 page. New seedling G66G begins to open. New Flowers 2003 page.

14th April 2003       Further photos added to sequences of flowering of  T167, G66G, C. coactilis .

9th April 2003         Spotting new germinations - C. speciosa. Archive 2003 page

6th April 2003        1. Flowering sequences of new plants T143 and T167, below, completed! Use links below.

4th April 2003        1. Flowering sequence new atragene T143 continued. 2. New Flowers open! new atragene T167. 3. Additional photos C. coactilis. Archive 2003 page. 4. Flowering sequence G66G extended.  G66G nearly ready to open 2003 New Flowers page.

2nd April 2003           1. Flowering sequence T143 new atragene.  2. Cuttings settle in and quickly produce new growth in spring. Archive 2003 page. 3. Further images, flowering of C. coactilis, atragene T167, and new C. patens seedling G66G - use links immediately below. 

31st March 2003       1. Additional sequential photos of previous items. Use links below. Archive 2003 page.  2. G66G almost ready to open new flowers. New flowers 2003 page.

30th March 2003       1. Clematis and the Will to Live. 2. New atragene T167 first flowers. 3. C. coactilis first flowers ready to open, additional images. Archive 2003 page.

28th March 2003       Pruning a young Blue Angel. Archive 2003 page.

27th March 2003       Further photos of very young seedlings, New Seedlings page.

26th March 2003       Growth of side-shoots on seedlings. Archive 2003 page.

21st March 2003   1.  Rooting of cuttings - new shoots from the root. 2. Cuttings received by post prior to winter burst back into life in spring. Archive 2003 page.

20th March 2003        New seedling G66G C. patens? flowers developing rapidly. 2003 New Flowers page. Pictures of tiny new C. coactilis plant (from Carol Lim in PA) in emergence, then producing first flowers. Archive 2003 page.

17th March 2003      Exciting  New seedlings, first flowers to come this year from all, re-emerging into spring 2003. Archive 2003 page.

6th March 2003    New page, "Managing new seedlings in their first year". (Photos still being added).

3rd March 2003   Clematis brachiata and clematopsis scabiosifolia articles. Archive 2003 page.

15th February 2003   New seedling germinations at first look like this. Archive 2003

7th February 2003   Pruning with a friend. Archive 2003 page.

27/01/2003  Article by John Treasure "The Scarlet Lady and some of her Relations". Archive 2003 page.

15/01/2003 Image of Josephine flowers for email query, Archive 2003

14/01/2003  C. anshunensis flowers opening, Archive 2003 page. Is referred to as C. clarkeana, by Grey-Wilson, following a name-change(!). 

January 2003. New pages - Archive 2003 and New LFH Flowers 2003 added.

30/12/2     Vigorous bud formation and new growth, even before the arrival of the new year. C. viticella 'alba luxurians' and a C. pitcherii seedling. Archive page.

22/12/2     Next year's new large flowered hybrid seedlings awaiting the Spring, to commence flowering;  & C. serratifolia seedheads in Winter. Archive page.

30/11/2  New viorna-type seedling:   G107B first flower. 


For entries below; note the date (day/month/year), click on the link, scroll to the date required.

27/11/2  (1) Large-flowered hybrids - Images of mature seeds (2) Managing seedlings at winter's onset (3) Clematis anchuensis; flowers forming for Christmas! Archive 2002 

23/11/2  New seedling G67, second year flowers.  Archive 2002 

08/11/2  Species clematis, new seedling, in flower; Clematis confusa. Archive 2002 

Plant originally collected in the Himalaya, in the 1800's, but assigned to the clematis connata group, in error. It was re-found in 1991, and named by Grey-Wilson, but since then relatively little has been seen of it.

5/11/2    Better photo of new raised-as patens- bud 572. Also photo of plant washed-down, ready for posting. Archive 2002 

30/10/2    1. New C. patens from seed collected wild in Japan - first flowers. 2. New seedling of King Edward VII. 3. Potting-up newly-arrived plants. Archive 2002 

26/10/2  Notes on problems associated with watering, completed. Further Notes page

19/10/2  Some new October flowers; & Clematis seedlings are tough. Archive 2002 

17/10/2  All-red C. texensis form. Archive 2002 

16/10/2  Keeping 250 seedlings safe and watered whilst away on hols. Archive 2002 

11/10/2  Madame Edouard André, Blue Angel, and Golden Tiara on the pergola last year. Archive 2002 

5/10/2   Seedling G107C, first flowers; nice form and coloration, Archive 2002 

1/10/2   New, much better image (large file but worth it) of C. viticella alba luxurians, image is at 31/7/02 - scroll down page. Archive 2002 

29/9/2   C. connata comes into profuse flowering; C. akebiodes arrives at flowering, Archive 2002 

19/9/2   New large-flowered hybrids G65A and G73I, first flowers, 2002 page

16/9/2    C. serratifolia in flower, 5th picture, at Item 6/9/2, Archive

11/9/2    New plant, daughter of C. 'Joan Baker', Archive

6/9/2     C. serratifolia coming into flower; Clematis 'Sizaja Ptitsa', Archive

2/9/2    Clematis in colder climates articles, Archive

31/8/2  Using the vertical, Archive

30/8/2  Next year's new large-flowered hybrid seedlings are ready now! Archive

29/8/2  Articles giving an overview of the small yellow-flowered group of clematis, the Meclatis = Orientalis Group. By the renowned Christopher Grey-Wilson, Archive.

22/8/2  C. crispa flower, big image = few moments to load, Archive

20/8/2  Prince Charles in flower, Archive.

12/8/2  Infertile LFH seeds images, Archive, item 15/6/2

10/8/2  C. connata forming flowers; L&S13342 flowers; fusca forming seed; "grown as" versicolor -  flowers; new viticella-hybrid plant, like alba lux, but blue; large-flowered hybrid seed formation - sequence completed; Archive

8/8/2 Maturing alpina seedheads, Archive


 30/7/2 Intro: Overview.  First flower of G47Q, new white large-flowered hybrid; and new hybrid G65C first flower, 2002 page; new species patens seedling G72F; and new C. texensis seedling no. PL15 Species page; Plant C. viticella alba luxurians in flower, Archive.

 29/7/2 Further stage of lfh seed development; Prince Charles and Vostok about to flower; Moira Gilsenan's new hybrid, in flower now on new wood; Archive

28/7/2  L & S 13342; tangutica Lambton Park; Bill Mackenzie; C. fusca; C. versicolor coming into flower, Archive

20/7/2   Further C. crispa plant images, Archive. More details about seed types, Overview

19/7/2  G97B Images added on species page. C. fusca images on Archive page.

16/7/2  Further new plants' images on 2002 New Flowers page

End of page