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Images and articles not directly concerned with the main information on the site. Click on small images to enlarge.

You can access any article or image even before the thumbnail image loads, you don't need to wait, just click on the item.  Scroll down to earlier dates.

Item 27th December 2003

Seedlings come back quickly... even by the post-Christmas period:

(Madame Marie Boisselot  x  C. texensis) seedling.

Item 11th December 2003

Book review, by Mike Brown,  past Chairman of British Clematis Society.    When the image has loaded, you can click on the enlargement icon, at bottom right. The review can also be found in the BCS Journal for Winter 2003:

Item 28th October 2003

Next  year's brand-new large-flowered hybrids are ready now. The total is just 44 plants, at this stage.  Some of the current year's vines have been retained - they will often produce early flowers in the new season, from this old wood. Most of this present foliage will rot away in the next few weeks as winter comes in.

Item 21st October 2003

Plants from the root, again, this is C. koreana in the pot.

Item 28th September 2003

C. ochroleuca germinates after 219 days.  

Item 27th September 2003

This year I've been very lucky with a new meclatis seedling. number P177; first flowers.

Item 1st September, 2003

A large flowered hybrid, or is it?

Item 28th August 2003

Four nicely-rooted cuttings of C. florida species.

Item 1st August 2003

Flashback to June, General Sikorski begins to flower within host Philadelephus.

Item 1st August 2003

The excitement continues.             

Item 15th July 2003

Further new viornae-types: seedling G52B   

Seedling G64H  

and seedling G84B: 

Item 11th July 2003 

Season is 95% curtailed due to keyhole surgery to fix my right arm:    Thank goodness for keyhole surgery.

Item 30th June 2003

Further new viornae-types:

New seedling G111     New seedling G107A   flowering sequence to follow.

Item 27th June 2003

Some new viornae-group seedlings' first flowers.

  Seedling G84A

  Seedling G76I

  Seedling G55A

Seedling G58 

  Seedling G61B

Seedling G62B

Seedling G107D

Good year for the viornae. Several  more to follow.

Item 24th June 2003

New seedling first flowers.

Seedling G97A

Many more to follow! See table below.

Item 20/5/03 

Germination of CC3944 = C. grata? Mustang, Himalaya.

CC3944a.jpg (23740 bytes)

Germination after 89 days.

Item 22nd April 2003

Exciting germinations of unidentified (in the field) C.  species from the Himalaya:

bud705.jpg (63352 bytes) CC4167, 2002 seed.

A good week for germinations: you can spot C. macropetala, C. speciosa, and C. 'unknown species'? 

bud706.jpg (77602 bytes)

Item April 20th 2003

It should have been beautiful. Thankfully there are live buds present, so hopefully the plant should live to flower another day. Seedling G66G succumbs to a mystery ailment when just producing first flowers:

bud692.jpg (70574 bytes)  bud703.jpg (62761 bytes) bud704.jpg (76015 bytes)

Looking really good..............looking very sad. (Grown as) patens form, seed from Japan.

Other victims below.

Item April 2003 

Total disaster as 57 out of 59 new large-flowered hybrid seedlings are ravaged by mystery ailment.

 Bad ones bud707.jpg (38369 bytes)   Survivor, but only just, on left; bud708.jpg (53635 bytes) better one on right

Item April 17th 2003

More germinations, this time C macropetala.

bud698.jpg (51273 bytes) bud699.jpg (66585 bytes) bud700.jpg (56416 bytes)

C. macropetala, white form? Seed from Marie-France Holt in Canada. Germination after 56 days.

Item 9th April 2003

What is visible when seeds germinate? 

bud688.jpg (65239 bytes) bud685.jpg (92408 bytes) bud686.jpg (55489 bytes)

9 days later: bud701.jpg (33025 bytes)

C. speciosa  - germinations after 47 days. Thanks to Marie-France Holt in Canada for the seed.

Item 2nd April 2003 and 4th April and 6th April

1. Cutting of new atragene T143 flowers opening.

  bud663.jpg (68057 bytes)      bud681.jpg (69501 bytes) lovely seedling


bud643.jpg (134255 bytes) bud659.jpg (38518 bytes) bud664.jpg (79003 bytes) bud665.jpg (75518 bytes) bud674.jpg (90277 bytes)

2. Cuttings received by post prior to Winter soon shoot again once spring arrives. You know they are happy once they produce new growth from the soil, and you should (last photo - the leaves are not mildewed! What you can see is dried anti-fungal spray on the leaves!) then prune the plant. 

Item March 30th 2003

1. Resilience and the will to live. The G47 seedling series has been a superb batch of new seedlings as can be seen on other pages on the site. However, this particular seedling (seedling number G47M) from the batch seemed lost when in October last year it developed a seemingly totally intractable fungal problem and died off. Even worse, in spring, following failure to re-emerge, examination of the largely-dead root system revealed the ominous presence of the worst thing in the world, VINE WEEVILS.  However, as Kate Bush said, "don't give up". On February 5th the plant was treated again with two different fungicides, followed by a dose of a new chemical weevil killer; and, after a further six weeks, this is what greeted me this morning, when I decided to check some old pots...

bud651.jpg (115394 bytes)  during clean-up: bud656.jpg (85333 bytes) after clean-up: bud657.jpg (42468 bytes)

2. New atragene clematis seedling no. T167 first flowers eagerly anticipated, due to open in the next few days.

bud652.jpg (90058 bytes)  bud660.jpg (82656 bytes) bu668.jpg (61684 bytes) bud669.jpg (62902 bytes)    bud683.jpg (86083 bytes)  

bud689.jpg (117118 bytes)

Item 28th March 2003

Flashback to February 18th - pruning a young (second year) Blue Angel. For Group 3 plants remove everything virtually down to the ground. You can leave some bits of stem as a location marker. Group 3 plants grow back from the ground every year, and flower only on the current season's shoots. 

bud648.jpg (117852 bytes) bud649.jpg (85436 bytes) bud650.jpg (65505 bytes) 4th photo... to follow!

1. Last year's old dead vines  2. A close-up  3. After a prune and tidy  4. At March 29th 

Item 26th March 2003

It doesn't matter if you happen to break a vine while tending a younger seedling; the side shoots immediately below will break out and replace it. 

bud645.jpg (37195 bytes)

Item 21st March 2003

This cutting has produced an additional shoot straight from a root - the shoot has then been re-positioned so that it can quickly see the light; so there'll be two new plants instead of one.

bud641.jpg (136929 bytes) bud642.jpg (144180 bytes) C. fauriei

Item 20th March 2003

C. coactilis, brand new plant, producing first flowers, in the greenhouse. Thank you Carol Lim of Broomhall PA. 

Plant emerging from soil 4th February: bud634.jpg (93162 bytes)

bud639.jpg (160926 bytes) bud640.jpg (45740 bytes)  bud653.jpg (41483 bytes) bud654.jpg (80972 bytes)  

                    20th March '03                      30th March '03     31st March '03                   

bud661.jpg (44286 bytes) bud662.jpg (42113 bytes) bud672.jpg (51281 bytes) bud673.jpg (35725 bytes) 

2nd April                                             4th April                             

bud690.jpg (51632 bytes) 14th April

Item 17th March 2003

New viticella seedlings, and others, on the way to producing their first ever flowers:

bud633.jpg (61551 bytes)

Item February 15th 2003

New germinations 'Snow Queen' x C. texensis and 'Mme Marie Boisselot' x C. texensis.


bud606.jpg (30022 bytes)  bud605.jpg (33002 bytes)

Germination time 447 days. C. texensis all-red form. Photos prior even to 'cotyledons' opening.

Item 7th February 2003

robin1.jpg (51533 bytes) robin2.jpg (57771 bytes) robin3.jpg (61216 bytes)

A friend calls over to watch the pruning.

Item 27th January, 2003

Article: "The Scarlet Lady and some of her Relations"

tsl1.gif (140516 bytes) tsl2.gif (158180 bytes) tsl3.gif (104948 bytes)

Item 15th January 2003

Josephine query - photo of blooms on three years old plant. 

bud604.jpg (54121 bytes) 

Planted 1/05/1999; picture, June 7th, 2002

Item 14th January 2003

C. anshunensis flowers begin to open:

bud602.jpg (24541 bytes) bud603.jpg (33693 bytes)

Plant received as a cutting, from Japan. An evergreen plant, and needing a slightly protected situation. C. anshunensis is from Sub-genus Campanella, Section Campanella. In Grey-Wilson it is name-changed to C. clarkeana and C. anshunensis has become a synonym.

End of Archive 2003