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Mid-March 2005: This year's large-flowered plants will be a mixture of brand-new plants plus one or two previously-flowered (second or third year flowers) specimens. Flowering should commence in April/May, when about 30 plants are due to open their first buds. Further additions as the season goes along. Tentatively hoping for a veritable cornucopia of blossoms in April and May 2005, since a significant proportion of the plants are derived from C. patens to a greater or lesser degree and will be flowering on the old wood. Therefore expecting to post pictures over the coming 6 -7 months of approximately 60 brand new large-flowered clematis plants, all raised from seed.

There will be whites, blues, pinks, reds, purples, and others; some will have a "bar" (a lighter or darker stripe); some singles and some doubles.

They will involve the patens, florida, lanuginosa and viticella groups. Some will be used in hybridising.

All will be beautiful!

The house in May


All images are copyright B. Collingwood 2005

Item 4th May 2005

A lovely new hybrid:   

3rd May 2005

Several new large-flowered hybrids:

Large attractive shapely blooms on a vigorous seedling.   Only 179 days for germination of the seed.

Smooth and feathery with nicely contrasting stamens.  Germination of this seed after 180 days only.

A very distinctive seedling with enormous flowers, germination of seed after 350 days, seed parent was "King Edward VII".

14th April 2005

Some new large-flowered hybrid plants in flower today.

1. The most enormous beautiful white flowers with green stripe, and purple-pink stamens, on a massive seedling. Unnamed as yet.

2. An utterly charming flower with lovely symmetry and tender hue. To be named Clematis 'Roelie'.

The flowers emit a sweet fragrance.

3. A lovely seedling. Unnamed.

2nd April 2005 The first large-flowered plant into flower in my house this year is this patens-derived beautiful white with green stripes, now a stable mature plant producing flowers fully 7-8" across.

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The germination time for the seed was 455 days.

All images are copyright B. Collingwood 2005


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