Update 20/11/02

A snapshot of results of raising seeds labelled as various species, from 2001

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This is just a brief script about species clematis, adeqate for the seed raising beginner. There is a lot more specific information about various species spread over the archives. The important point is that regardless of the particular species in question, all plants are treated and raised in the same way, for at least the first year.

C. texensis as seedling and mature plant

Species clematis from seed: plants from 2001 and 2002

Here are some species seedlings, with a little information on each plant.  Note: where seeds are concerned, its normal to have identification issues. Certainty of identification can only follow... in the fullness of time! So all these plants are seed "raised as" this species or that, not "definitely" this species or that! By the way, that's not  mildew you can see on the leaves of some of the plants on this page, but dried anti-fungal wash, which helps defeat fungi but leaves it's own mark!


C. patens - white form  

A new C. patens (seed collected wild in Japan), (November 2002) seedling G93C, manages first flowers, before the winter frosts begin. Two similar photos.

  bud572.jpg (140781 bytes) bud571.jpg (17976 bytes)

Plant washed down, ready to send in post, November 2002:  bud573.jpg (68430 bytes) 

Seedling G97B 2002

bud461.jpg (25442 bytes) bud462.jpg (22835 bytes)


Clematis florida: new plants 2001 and 2002

bud225.jpg (48268 bytes) bud236.jpg (36579 bytes) bud244.jpg (55326 bytes)  bud199.jpg (59099 bytes)

G46 C. florida. Sequence of flowering 

Below, G48A: C. florida, first bud: development sequence

  bud122.jpg (24132 bytes)  bud138.jpg (39108 bytes)  bud158.jpg (38215 bytes)  bud245.jpg (59314 bytes)  bud200.jpg (56644 bytes) bud170.jpg (38130 bytes)  bud223.jpg (103716 bytes)  bud144.jpg (91054 bytes) stunning


  bud139.jpg (90439 bytes) bud171.jpg (51029 bytes) bud224.jpg (54506 bytes)

Above, G48B C. florida 

Seedling G48D

bud394.jpg (38016 bytes) bud401.jpg (17359 bytes) bud422.jpg (20147 bytes) bud430.jpg (17885 bytes) bud431.jpg (20290 bytes) bud432.jpg (19053 bytes) bud433.jpg (20091 bytes)

G56 C. florida, sequence of flowering

bud142.jpg (113434 bytes) bud237.jpg (39284 bytes) bud389.jpg (18923 bytes) bud409.jpg (17060 bytes) bud423.jpg (17634 bytes) bud390.jpg (17077 bytes) bud391.jpg (25738 bytes) bud392.jpg (15932 bytes) bud393.jpg (27772 bytes) 


Other species plants

C. chiisanensis:      Buds developing, to flower opening

 chiis1.jpg (49691 bytes) bud39.jpg (54739 bytes) bud40.jpg (45676 bytes) bud50.jpg (114075 bytes) bud51.jpg (119402 bytes)

T144 C. chiisanensis: Above plant grown from pre-germinated seed supplied by Andrew Norfield Seeds, UK.

New seedling G72F C. patens

bud491.jpg (9463 bytes) this is just an early flower; the mature flowers will be splendid, with that pinky-purple centre..


G74C C. patens   bud25.jpg (53700 bytes) bud32.jpg (39945 bytes)  Flower opening


bud213.jpg (54126 bytes) bud272.jpg (50911 bytes)

Seedling G40, raised as C. crispa

 bud232.jpg (46181 bytes) bud160.jpg (36812 bytes) bud207.jpg (38059 bytes) bud208.jpg (35477 bytes) bud209.jpg (40314 bytes)

G61A raised as C. viorna - first batch of flowers above

bud212.jpg (43669 bytes) bud261.jpg (39872 bytes) bud262.jpg (37624 bytes) bud274.jpg (59012 bytes)

Above, G61A - second batch of flowers

bud233.jpg (40652 bytes) bud156.jpg (40848 bytes) bud169.jpg (38678 bytes) bud181.jpg (50637 bytes) bud218.jpg (38820 bytes) bud220.jpg (46412 bytes) bud239.jpg (34729 bytes)

Above, G64F(2) raised as C. versicolor

bud231.jpg (112270 bytes) bud186.jpg (27185 bytes) bud210.jpg (40185 bytes) bud211.jpg (48927 bytes)

G64K raised as C. versicolor

bud263.jpg (39187 bytes) bud264.jpg (32013 bytes) bud265.jpg (30357 bytes) bud273.jpg (48020 bytes)

G76F raised from seed marked C. japonica(!). It wasn't easy to get a good photo.

bud227.jpg (39544 bytes) bud157.jpg (43781 bytes) bud155.jpg (56305 bytes) bud238.jpg (53386 bytes) bud198.jpg (36412 bytes)

Seedling G76H - raised as C. japonica (!)

bud185.jpg (28129 bytes)  bud182.jpg (35155 bytes)  bud168.jpg (60577 bytes)  bud183.jpg (49068 bytes) bud288.jpg (44851 bytes)

It may not look too much but this floriferous C. addisonii seedling G77A, has been a highlight of the year without fail. The flowers were superb and numerous- further images to follow - for a young plant. The seed was given to me by the late, great Vince Denny, when I visited him in March 1998, from one of his own plants, and was set on 24th April 1998. Germination occurred on 6th November 1999, after about 550 days; the seedling was raised through 2000 and re-sprouted in January 2001. The flowers developed during July 2001 and the plant is at present bearing seed-heads, in my greenhouse.

The seeds develop thus:

bud293.jpg (53067 bytes) bud294.jpg (52572 bytes) bud295.jpg (62116 bytes)

G77A seed formation, above

bud203.jpg (39508 bytes) bud204.jpg (37202 bytes) bud206.jpg (41731 bytes) bud205.jpg (33577 bytes) bud230.jpg (33968 bytes)

G77B C. addisonii, flowering sequence


Clematis texensis; new plants 2001and 2002:


    Seedling PL15 =C. texensis, first flowers: bud492.jpg (22302 bytes)


bud229.jpg (37945 bytes)  bud150.jpg (85468 bytes)  bud159.jpg (43018 bytes)    

G55B C. texensis

bud141.jpg (100508 bytes)

Seedling G55C C.texensis

bud214.jpg (36950 bytes)  bud152.jpg (104725 bytes)  bud153.jpg (121514 bytes)

G55D C. texensis: this turned out to be a very lovely plant. 

bud112.jpg (37570 bytes)   bud121.jpg (26287 bytes)  bud215.jpg (38976 bytes)  bud132.jpg (44609 bytes)

            G55E C. texensis; another beauty

bud226.jpg (45657 bytes)  bud151.jpg (103234 bytes)  bud197.jpg (44620 bytes)

 Seedling G60C C. texensis

bud87.jpg (43441 bytes) bud113.jpg (42935 bytes) bud136.jpg (51731 bytes) bud129.jpg (70145 bytes)      bud228.jpg (46753 bytes) bud172.jpg (44719 bytes)    

             ^                          G82B C. texensis                                      ^                           

bud133.jpg (42597 bytes) bud216.jpg (44179 bytes)

G82C C. texensis

bud219.jpg (55756 bytes)  bud147.jpg (119197 bytes)  bud148.jpg (89357 bytes)

G90A C. texensis

bud235.jpg (42748 bytes)  bud154.jpg (37786 bytes)  bud177.jpg (33190 bytes)

Seedling G90B C. texensis; young and old

bud106.jpg (58936 bytes)  bud117.jpg (29943 bytes)  bud120.jpg (55889 bytes) bud217.jpg (41947 bytes)  bud134.jpg (43533 bytes)

                                    G91A C. texensis - flowers forming

(PLANT G91A now owned by ton hannikj)

bud135.jpg (41801 bytes)

 bud176.jpg (40095 bytes)   bud145.jpg (102777 bytes)    bud149.jpg (110690 bytes)    bud146.jpg (115573 bytes)  

C. texensis G91B turned out to be a floriferous seedling; above

bud143.jpg (105509 bytes)  bud178.jpg (39809 bytes)  bud179.jpg (37773 bytes)  bud180.jpg (38012 bytes)

see this!

G91C (raised as) C. texensis begins to form flowers...note the ovoid form... These photos are similar, but show an interesting form, from slightly different angles.

bud234.jpg (45523 bytes) bud184.jpg (48546 bytes) bud240.jpg (42178 bytes)

Seedling G91D, Clematis texensis


Other "species" plants raised in 2001 which have turned out be something other than as the seed was labeled :


Seedling G82:  Click to enlarge/enlarge again.

bud188.jpg (43642 bytes)  bud189.jpg (35481 bytes)  bud190.jpg (39059 bytes)

bud191.jpg (41920 bytes)  bud192.jpg (29630 bytes)  bud193.jpg (41589 bytes)

bud194.jpg (30352 bytes)  bud195.jpg (31717 bytes)  bud202.jpg (57287 bytes)  bud275.jpg (50564 bytes)

From a batch of seed received from Texas as C. texensis, set 1/11/8 germinated 11/12/99.


bud276.jpg (52643 bytes) bud277.jpg (46243 bytes)

bud278.jpg (39123 bytes) bud280.jpg (44180 bytes) bud279.jpg (46500 bytes) bud281.jpg (49499 bytes) bud282.jpg (43964 bytes) bud283.jpg (38412 bytes) bud284.jpg (47005 bytes) bud285.jpg (46623 bytes) bud286.jpg (43806 bytes) bud287.jpg (37646 bytes)

G97B proves interesting. Raised as C. viorna (Canada)